In our business we are in and out customers cars all day long in the knoxville, seymour, maryville and Alcoa area replacing windshields, door glasses, back glasses, and repairing windshields. We make service the key ingredient in our recipe. We show up on time, clean and courteous and We clean dashboards, rear view mirrors, seats and floors out before leaving a job. But hey any glass company CAN do that(even though alot wont) but we wanted something different and extra.
I noticed when making sales calls to body shops and such that all of them have note pads and desk calendars with every glass company in the East Tn are laying around the office. I noticed alot of our customers write us checks using a pen with another glass company’s name on it. We needed something different, we needed to stand out. So i looked online and found air fresheners made to whatever specs i wanted and BOOM, the light bulb went off! Every job we complete we put a “new car smell” air freshener(the least offensive smell i could think of to a majority of people) on the mirror after cleanup is done. Not only have we had customers friends see them and call us for jobs, but i drive around my community and see them hanging from mirrors every day. We are using the promo to further our brand and identity in the marketplace along with pleasing customers in a completely new manner. And best of all we are doing this with a cost of less than 75 cents per job!