windshield recycling

Many customers ask, Do we recycle our broken auto glass? We would love to be a part of a greener America, unfortunately, there are no auto glass recycling centers in our state. As our industry grows and a greener world is more commonplace, we will see auto glass and windshield recycling centers set up in all 50 states. Recycling of windshields is more complicated than the recycling of glass bottles because of their design. The windshield is formed from two layers of glass sandwiching a plastic film of PVB (polyvinyl butyral). The reason for this design is twofold. It not only reduces the risk to people from flying glass in the event of impact, but also helps keep people inside the vehicle in the event of a collision. As a result, windshield recycling falls within the realm of both glass recycling, as well as plastic recycling.
Windshield replacement companies typically work with recycling companies which can recycle windshields. Broken windshields are accumulated at replacement locations, typically in open top bins, and then sent back to a recycling partner to facilitate the processing.
The recycling process involves pulverizing the windshields, and then a further step that involves separating the plastic film from the cullet or crushed glass. While the glass is not used in new windshield manufacturing, various windshield recycling programs indicate that the glass material is used for fiberglass insulation, as a component of concrete blocks, as well as for bottles. The plastic material is used for applications such as carpet glue and others.

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RV/ motorhome windshield replacement and repair

We repair and replace motor home and RV windshields and auto glass

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5 things to know about auto glass replacement

The 5 things to know

What you need to know before getting your glass replaced.
1 Am I using a reputable installation facility?

A reputable installer will:

Allow you to choose which glass brand you want to use
Understand the importance of using an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equivalent to protect you and the value of your car
Be able to explain the critical performance specifications of your vehicle glass (such as Solar Optimization) and what they mean to you.

2 Am I getting replacement glass with equivalent performance specifications to my original equipment?

Your car’s windshield and sidelites came off the dealership lot with specific performance characteristics. Some aftermarket replacement glass parts do not match these original performance specifications. These inferior glass products can have:

Reduced or no acoustic properties
Non-Solar Optimized properties (think – increased heat buildup in your car & needing to use the air conditioner a lot more)
Poor optics
Poor surface control (think – wind noise & wiper blade missing spots)

All glass is not created equally, demand that your glass be replaced with it’s original performance specifications.
3 Am I choosing replacement glass that meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?

One of the main reasons for these standards is to ensure that your windshield can resist breakage and penetration in a collision. Choosing a glass that meets or exceeds these standards helps reduce injuries, fatalities, and the ejection of vehicle occupants during a crash. OEM equivalent glass from Pilkington exceeds FMVSS.
4 Am I getting a value by choosing a less expensive glass?

Of course, price matters. But installing inferior replacement glass can create a host of new problems that may cost you more in the long run. Quality windshield replacement glass should:

Be accurately cut and finely polished during the edging process to ensure proper fit, minimize wind noise, and minimize cracks (lower quality aftermarket glass will often be manufactured to lower tolerances, resulting in ill-fitting installations, leading to a number of potential problems like leaks, stress cracks and increased vulnerability to damage).
Have surface control so the wipers fit the glass appropriately
Offer the same performance specifications of your original equipment insofar as solar protection, noise cancellation and performance of added features like rain, light and/or condensation sensors are concerned.

5 Will the glass be installed using high quality urethane adhesive?

High quality adhesives are tested in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) to ensure proper bonding is in place. These adhesives dry faster, so your car can be ready within a “safe drive-away time.” Inferior adhesives may not set as quickly, endangering you and your passengers if there is an accident immediately after installation. Be sure that the safe drive away time for your installation is explained to you, as it varies depending both on the type & quality of glue as well as the number of airbags in your car. A good technician will be familiar with and forthright about the products he or she is using.We borrowqed these guidelines from cascade autglass website

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cleaning your auto glass

helpful tips for keeping your glass streak free.

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10 news bust glass companies

We got this from our friends at SunTec Auto glass in Phoenix AZ. check out their daily blog for many more interesting articles on auto glass

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ABC News report on auto glass

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Faulty Windshield replacement

Faulty windshield replacement Faulty windshield replacement caught on tape. Cheapest is not always best when it comes to your family’s safety. There is a nationwide chain store being sued right now for causing 2 deaths from improper glass installation. This is not meant to scare, just inform.

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Auto glass repair and replacement fact and fiction

Q. if you get a crack or a star in your windshield will the glass fall in on you?
A. not true, windshields are made of 2 layers of glass and a sheet of plastic lamination in the middle. this is done to increase your safety and keep things from coming thru the glass.

Q. will a crack make my window leak?
A. no. cracks will not make your window leak.

Q. how big will a small crack in my window get?
A. a crack can travel in any direction multiple times until it gets to the edge of the glass. After a crack reaches the edge it will not spread further.

Q. will window tint keep my glass from breaking?
A. after market window tint will help your window from breaking as bad, but no glass or add on will keep auto glass, door glasses or back glasses from breaking.

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